Air Conditioning Simi Valley

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  • Installing a Commercial Air Conditioning System

    When you begin install a commercial air conditioning system, you may find that the installation is a process that is best completed by a professional company. Commercial air conditioning installation will only take a few days for a one to two story business, giving you ample time to ensure that the commercial air conditioning units are working properly before you open your doors. If you are replacing an old system with a new commercial cooling system, then the installation will take much less time, since the ductwork will already be in place. There are commercial air conditioning contractors that can install a new commercial air conditioning unit into your building, including the ductwork and at the same time provide clean air and energy efficiency tips to ensure your business is saving money. Clean air tips are best used in buildings that have already make their building very energy efficient. You will find that the addition of ventilation systems, dehumidifiers and other anti-pollution devices will remove odors, allergens and other contaminants for an air tight building very effectively.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

    One of the most common causes for problems in any commercial air conditioning unit is the avoidance of proper commercial air conditioning maintenance. When your commercial air conditioning equipment is properly maintained and cared for, it can last for many, many years to come. You can choose from maintenance packages that will include a check of all the major components of the system, as well as a general cleaning and replacement for any parts that tend to wear out quickly. Your commercial heating and air conditioning system, when well cared for, can last for the life of your business. Proper maintenance is simple, and is much more cost efficient than replacing a commercial air conditioning unit. You will find that maintenance is affordable, and will often include discounts on emergency repairs and replacements. There are many choices for your commercial cooling system, including ductless and portable systems that can be used for commercial purposes.